Digital Artist/Graphic Designer/Photographer

Ello frequently posts "artist invites" (essentially art contests for other companies and brands). These images are made for said invites.

Under Lucky Stars makes beautiful star maps showing the alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you.

With the spring approaching, we feel it is time to refresh our star map designs. We want to connect with anyone in the design community that has been inspired by our star maps and would like to contribute their own original design ideas.
— Under Lucky Stars

Strangeculturs is an new online magazine from Nigerian fashion stylist Cheche Uduma that curates and creates high fashion editorials of African fashion. The magazine is aimed at changing the perspective of African fashion. Strangeculturs also curates fashion editorials to enable clients and customers to see what’s out there in the fashion community.
— Strangeculturs Magazine

Submit work to explore and start a dialogue of the issues that women, men, and all genders face around the world.

If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, then 2017 kicked off the start of an interplanetary battle of the sexes. From the women’s march on Washington, to female drivers in the Middle East, and now the fall of Hollywood male royalty, the matriarchal rebellion has found the Death Star plans.

Yet while current headlines paint a picture of the patriarchy in decline, they’re far from losing the war. Women are still paid less than men for the same work, boardrooms and public offices across the globe are still dominated by humans with a Y chromosome, and many women in Third World countries aren’t allowed to work, hold office, or go to school, and suffer from rampant domestic abuse, rape, kidnapping, and slavery.

For our very first Ello Artist Invite, we’re seeking creative work that explores the gender wars across cultural, political, physiological, international, and economic battle lines. No topic is off limits (but do be sure to follow Ello’s Community Guidelines). We want your creativity to kickstart a dialogue and open minds to the issues that women, men, and all genders face around the world.
— Papercut Magazine

We have teamed up with Ello to give five artists the opportunity to be featured on Format Magazine and have their work seen by thousands of people across the globe. Visual artists working in any medium are welcome to apply. Inspired by Ello, we’re looking for work that explores the concept of community. What does community mean to you? Where do you find it? Feel free to interpret this theme any way you choose.
— Format Magazine

Meural - The Art of Love (|_0\/3) (2018)

"|_0\/3" began as an Ello artist invite, called "The Art of Love", for Meural and eventually grew to become a special valentine's day themed series for Neonmob. Here is the original description of the artist invite:

We are looking for artwork (traditional, GIF, video, photography, and illustration) on the theme of “love” to coincide with Meural’s Valentine-inspired February art and editorial program. The theme is totally open to creative interpretation.
— Meural