Episode 24: Job for a Kaddisfly

After month of waiting, Jarid and Dominic are reunited at last! Dominic does his spot-on Job for a Cowboy impersonation and the duo realize that Spongebob Squarepants is metal af. They also talk about Jerry Seinfeld's band, Say Anything, and the movie that inspired it by Sir John Cusack, as well as Dominic coming out as a The Clash Head. Oh, and they talk about this week's tracks.

Episode 24's Tracks:

Snowflakes (Desember) - Kaddisfly
Knee Deep - Job for a Cowboy
All Hell Breaks Loose - Misfits
Admit It!!! - Say Anything
Poison Oak - Bright Eyes

Episode 24's Playlist:

Music Used In This Episode

And So Then (Slowed Down) - Lee Rosevere
Waves of Sleep (Slowed Down) - Lee Rosevere
Making A Change (Slowed Down) - Lee Rosevere
Arcade Montage (Slowed Down) - Lee Rosevere
Slow Lights (Slowed Down) - Lee Rosevere
4th Ave. Walkup (Slowed Down) - Lee Rosevere
Theme from Penguins on Parade (Slowed Down) - Lee Rosevere
Old Regrets (Slowed Down) - Lee Rosevere

Lee Rosevere music can be found here

Spongebob Squarepants - Knee Deep

"The Misfits" (1961)

Henry Rollins' Misfits Tattoos

The Crimson Ghost