Digital Artist/Graphic Designer/Photographer


UMD Statesman Videos

THese are the videos that I shot and edited for the UMD statesman (University of Minnesota duluth’s newspaper). PLease keep in mind that the technology used to shoot and edit them are almost a decade old (circa 2009/2010).

UMD Smoking FOrum

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Midnight Release

Alex in Action: Molly’s Mixer

An Interview with CLoud CUlt

Personal Video Projects


This video was a project for my Digital Arts I class. The project we were assigned was to make a self portrait of something and I chose a candle. All the filming and editing was done by my, but the music was done by that talented Tomáš Dvořák (Who did the soundtrack for machinarium) and I take no credit for it. Enjoy.

Red’s Odyssey

This was my final project for my Digital Arts class. It's a group stop motion project. The opening title and the second section of the movie (The one with the gummy bear) were done by me. The story is the journey of a character named red. He starts out as a human, then turns into a gummy bear, then a sand man, then a frog, and then a cardboard person. Enjoy

THe Juniper Tree

A group film I worked on for my 2D Digital Studio class. Music and filming by me. Editing and concept by Tyler Nelson.

Forever Heavy - Black Moth Super Rainbow (fan Music Video)

Until the Blue Came