Episode 18: Bomb Something Corporate!

, or "A Half-Cocked Yankee Sneer at Something Corporate"

In our 18th episode of #5huffle Jarid and Dominic realize that they only have six more episodes to get "The Beatles" famous, they figure out that Paul McCartney ain't smart (he's Paul McCart), Kanye West's balls make an appearance, and they talk about how The Decembrists are baroque af. Oh, and they discuss this week's tracks.

Episode 18's Tracks:

Does Your Face Hurt? No? Cause It’s Killing Me!!! - Bomb The Music Industry!
Zero Sum - Nine Inch Nails
Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then) - The Decembrists
I Won’t Make You - Something Corporate
Half-Cooked Concepts - P.O.S.

Episode 18's Playlist:

Music Used in this Episode:

Calm The Fuck Down (Slowed Down) - Broke for Free
The Great (Slowed Down) - Broke for Free
Caught In The Beat (Slowed Down) - Broke for Free
Hella (Slowed Down) - Broke for Free
High School Snaps (Slowed Down) - Broke for Free
At The Count (Slowed Down) - Broke for Free
Living In Reverse (Slowed Down) - Broke for Free
Drops of Water In the Ocean (Slowed Down) - Broke for Free

Broke for Free music can be found here

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Half-Cocked Concepts - Kill Sadie