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get out (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
about u (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
sketch (vlad) (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
do it (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
be quiet (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
wherever (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
sketch (s.o.s.) (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
ma'am (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
biznezz (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
diary (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
sketch (rum-portrait) (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar

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Future of Insane Clown Posse, Faygo Unclear in Lansing

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Read/Watch here

Kanye West Releases New The Life of Pablo Track: Saint Pablo

Famous - Kanye West

Vincent Desiderio's painting "Sleep", which is thought to be the inspiration for the video.

Responses to "Famous"

Why I gotta have the plumbers butt/crack showing WAX figure? This nigga KANYE CRAZY, talented, but crazy.
— Chris Brown, via his Instagram (Now Deleted)
If they didn’t show Ray J with his dick in Kim Kardashian’s mouth, then tell Kanye to go back and reshoot that shit. Tell that nigga he’s a long way from Chicago. He’d better watch his motherfucking mouth.
— Wack 100, Ray J's Manager
Taylor is livid and horrified. She didn’t know what to do when she heard about what Kanye did. She is bewildered, feels betrayed and is beyond frustrated with Kanye. It is like a complete nightmare. Taylor is pissed to say the least.
— Taylor Swift's Representative
In case there was any doubt … that is not President Bush… He is in much better shape.
— George W. Bush's Representative

A.D.I.D.A.D.S. - KoЯn

"Martin Shkreli's Game" - A Bill Murray/Wu-Tang Clan Heist Musical

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Thom Yorke Performs Solo Acoustic Set at Oxford Garden Party

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Radiohead Istanbul Event Attacked

Our hearts go out to those attacked tonight at Velvet IndieGround in Istanbul. We hope that someday we will be able to look back on such acts of violent intolerance as things of the ancient past. For now, we can only offer our fans in Istanbul our love and support.
— Radiohead's Response to Attack in Istanbul

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"Weird Al" Yankovic to Release Career-Spanning 15 Disc Boxset, Housed in a Replica of his Accordion


The film is set in a world where God has saved the world from sin by taking from mankind the Devil’s ‘Grail of Sin’…..the Evil Guitar. The Earth has now turned into a puritan world where there is no room for sex, drugs or rock ‘n’ roll.

From up on high in heaven a “punk-angel”, Vicious (portrayed by Iggy Pop), looks upon the world with weary bored eyes. Behind God’s back, Vicious sends the Devil’s guitar back to earth and sin in all its forms returns to mankind.

An evil puritan priest (Henry Rollins) manipulates a naive girl to retrieve the guitar and destroy it. On her quest to find the Devil’s Grail Of Sin, the girl is forced to face the world’s most evil rock and roll bastards. Throughout her journey, she has a rival in the form of a rock chick determined to stop her from destroying the instrument.
— Official Summary of the Film

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The Last Heist


Trent Reznor Slams Youtube

Personally, I find YouTube’s business to be very disingenuous. It is built on the backs of free, stolen content and that’s how they got that big. I think any free-tiered service is not fair. It’s making their numbers and getting them a big IPO and it is built on the back of my work and that of my peers. That’s how I feel about it. Strongly. We’re trying to build a platform that provides an alternative — where you can get paid and an artist can control where their [content] goes.

I’ve dedicated my whole life to this craft, which, for a variety of reasons, is one that people feel we don’t need to pay for anymore. And I went through a period of pointing fingers and being the grumpy, old, get-off-my-lawn guy. But then you realize, let’s adapt and figure out how to make this better instead of just complain about it.
— Trent Reznor

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YouTube Responds to Reznor's Criticisms

The overwhelming majority of labels and publishers have licensing agreements in place with YouTube to leave fan videos up on the platform and earn revenue from them. Today the revenue from fan uploaded content accounts for roughly 50 percent of the music industry’s YouTube revenue. Any assertion that this content is largely unlicensed is false. To date, we have paid out over $3 billion to the music industry–and that number is growing year on year.
— YouTube Spokesperson

Deftone's Chino Moreno Performs Inside a Volcano

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Tom DeLonge Quit Blink-182 to Focus on His UFO Research

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David Lynch's Festival of Disruption

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Converse "All-Wah" Shoe with a Built-In Wah Pedal

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CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ] - Aphex Twin

Find out more about the 12-year-old director of the video here

Windowlicker - Aphex Twin

50 Cent Arrested for Used of Profanity in Caribbean

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A Lock of David Bowie's Hair Sold for $18,750 at Auction

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Mike Patton's Disgusting Backstage Antics

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Lady Gaga Banned from China After Meeting with The Dalai Lama

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Vitamin C - Can

When Will I Return - SWANS