Episode 25: 65daysofsmashingpumpkins w/Maxwell Quesnell
By El Huervo

Maxwell Quesnell makes his second #5huffle appearance and talks with Jarid about Vine (R.I.P.) for a long time. They also discuss how Weezer is the OG Kanye, the fact that Billy Corgan is the Batman of alt-rock, and this week's tracks.

Episode 25's Tracks:

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (Live at the Nokia Theatre) - John Mayer
Death and Destruction - Weezer
Touching the Enemy - Tub Ring
These Things You Can’t Unlearn - 65daysofstatic
The Beginning is the End is the Beginning - Smashing Pumpkins

Episode 25's Playlist:

Music Used In This Episode:

Know Where (Slowed Down) - Adrianna Krikl
Walkdown (Slowed Down) - Adrianna Krikl
Sunrises (Slowed Down) - Adrianna Krikl
For the Birds (Featuring Viviane Be) (Slowed Down) - Adrianna Krikl
Revive (Slowed Down) - Adrianna Krikl
Tomorrow (Slowed Down) - Adrianna Krikl
Say Goodbye (Featuring Viviane Be) (Slowed Down) - Adrianna Krikl

Adrianna Krikl music can be found here

Maxwell Quesnell:

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Girl Dancing Vine Featuring "Resonance" by Home

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The Royal Tenenbaums Scene Featuring "These Days" by Nico

John Mayer on Chappelle's Show

Birth in Reverse - St. Vincent

The Watchmen Trailer

The End is the Beginning is the End - Smashing Pumpkins

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