Episode 14.5: Private Geodesy - Musician 5howcase Vol. 1

In this very 5pecial episode of #5huffle, Dominic and Jarid discuss the music of five featured bands/musicians and their music. Don't worry, they also insult #5huffle's audience (many times), mispronounce pretty much every single name, and realize that beneath every lumberjack beard is a soft faced Jude Law. That's Jude's Law.

Episode 14.5's Tracks:

Scimitar - Private Guy
The Can’t See - The Misanthropes
Capsized - The Keep
Steel Beam Graveyard- Christoph Bruhn
Ambience - Geodesy

Private Guy

Private Guy's SoundCloud

Kajunga Records


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The Misanthropes

"Book of the Dead Bop" Live at The Depot 09/12/14

The Misanthropes' SoundCloud
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The Keep

"Capsized" Music Video

"Quarter of a Century" EP

The Keep's bandcamp
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Christoph Bruhn

"Steel Beam Graveyard" Music Video

Christoph Bruhn's Website

Grass-Tops Recordings

Grass-Tops Recording - Putting Musicians in Control and Respecting Our Audience

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A Collection of Ambient Recordings 2011-2015

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