Episode 13: Sugarcaribou

The perpetual special guest Dommy Juggs and Jarid discuss a lot of fake music news, Dominic's disappointment in Kanye West for not being God, how Sugarcult is like a McDonalds cheeseburger, and this weeks tracks.

Episode 13's Tracks:

Niobe - Caribou
Born and Raised - Alexisonfire
Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of) - The Mars Volta
Hey Now - Augustana
Memory - Sugarcult

Episode 13's Playlist:

Music Used In This Episode:

Be All You Are (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Mash Market (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Mit Kip (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Fralen (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Synthetic Reminiscent (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Pay You Back (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Visitor (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Breach Lightly (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Camber Divide (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox

Locust Toybox music can be found here

Donald Trump's Insane Clown Posse

Ghostface Killah's Video Response to Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli's Congressional Hearing

Stefan Burnett (MC Ride of Death Grips) Art Website

See more  here

See more here

Amanda Palmer (The Dresden Dolls) - "Strung Out in Heaven: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute"

Read/Listen/Purchase here

Billy Corgan to Make a Documentary About America

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Republican Presidential Candidate John Kasich Promises to Reunite Pink Floyd if Elected

And if I’m president, I am going to once and for all try to reunite Pink Floyd to come together and play a couple songs. And since we have so much trouble in America with our finances, I’m going to start with a little song they created called ‘Money.
— John Kasich

First New Monkees Album in 20 Years to Be Released June of 2016

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Puddle of Mudd Singer Accuses Audience Member of Stealing His House

Puddle of Mudd at the Adelphia.ListentotheSadness:-(

Posted by Jerry Alan Cantwell on Saturday, January 30, 2016
Keep your goddamn money. Fuck it. This motherfucker right here stole my motherfucking house and now he’s standing right fucking in front of me laughing at me. And he fucking figures I’m a fucking joke. This motherfucker right here. This motherfucker right here. Get his ass on camera. Right. Get his ass on camera. Get his ass on camera. This is the dog. Right here. This is the motherfucker right here. This guy stole my fucking house.
— Wes Scantlin

Paul McCartney's Audio Emojis

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John Prine - Hello In There

Baths - Aminals

"........de-loused in the comatorium......." - The short story that inspired The Mars Volta's Album of the Same Name

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