Episode 16.5: XXYYXX Ü - L.G.P. Vol. 2

In our second installment of the Listener Generated Playlist, DJ Dommy Juggs and Jarid discover that all music can be classified into three categories: Pre-Paul, Post-Paul, and TheTruth. Jarid also brings a segment back from the dead, giving #5huffle its first ever zombified news segment, and we hear our first official "Wing Hut" segment. They also talk about this week's tracks.

Episode 16.5's Tracks:

The Unanswered Question - Charles Ives (Submitted by Amanda Aguilar)
Sylvia - The Antlers (Submitted by John Miller)
Mind (feat. Kai) - Jack Ü (Submitted by Sophie Buchite)
About You - XXYYXX (Submitted by Sarah Haider)
(S)HE SAID / (S)HE SAID - Titus Andronicus (Submitted by Eric Johnston)

Episode 16.5's Playlist:

Music Used In This Episode:

I'm In Love With A Ripper (Party Mix)(Instrumental)(Slowed Down) - Y▲CHT
Breaking In (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Mt Fox Shop (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Battle (Special) (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
B-3 (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Battle (Boss) (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Young Love (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Inspiration (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
CPU Talk (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
eCommerce (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Epic Song (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Assignment (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Passing Time (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Rolling (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Battle (End) (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Meeting MtFox (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Love of My Life (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Map Theme (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Melody (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Mission (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Battle (Normal) (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Rhythm (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Nameless: the Hackers Title Screen (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games

y▲cht's music can be found here

Nameless: The Hackers RPG Soundtrack (BoxCat Games) / CC BY 3.0

A$AP Rocky Brings Kanye West Out at Coachella Performance

#KanyeWest and #ASAPRocky on stage at #Coachella performing #FatherStretchMyHands 🙌 #WSHH

A video posted by WorldstarHipHop (@worldstar) on

Jack Ü Brings Kanye West Out at Coachella Performance

Kanye West and Tyler, the Creator Race

Coachella Track Meet

A video posted by Taco (@yungtaco) on

Bonus: Tyler, the Creator Dancing to Death Grips

Kanye West and Tidal Being Sued Over "The Life of Pablo" Not Actually Being Tidal Exclusive

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Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim's "Famous" Music Video

Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace To Perform in North Carolina as a Form of Protest

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Jack White Invests in Baseball Bat Company

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I discovered the Warstic company through my love of design. I was drawn to what Ben Jenkins was doing at Warstic by the simplicity and harshness of the designs. Most baseball bats and equipment in the sports world do not impress me much, but I think that there is a lot of room to explore aesthetic ideas in just baseball alone that can bring beauty and purpose to the weapons that athletes use to accomplish their goals. This can be accomplished not only through form following function, but also to bring in outsider ideas into the zone of athletics steeped in history and sometimes bogged down by its own weight. Warstic is incredibly inspiring to me in this fashion, and I think we can make beautiful objects for not only professionals, but also young children just beginning to understand how important the tools of the trade are to their passion for competition.
— Jack White

Axl Rose is the New Lead Singer of AC/DC

AC/DC band members would like to thank Brian Johnson for his contributions and dedication to the band throughout the years. We wish him all the best with his hearing issues and future ventures. As much as we want this tour to end as it started, we understand, respect and support Brian’s decision to stop touring and save his hearing. We are dedicated to fulfilling the remainder of our touring commitments to everyone that has supported us over the years, and are fortunate that Axl Rose has kindly offered his support to help us fulfill this commitment.

I Can't Give Everything Away - David Bowie (Lyric Video)

Björk on Song Exploder

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Björk and PJ Harvey - I Can't Get No Satisfaction (Rolling Stones Cover)

Just Hold On - Zircon

End of Time - Beyoncé

Titus Andronicus' Band Logo