Episode 17: How to destroy Against Me!_

In our 17th episode the perpetual special guest DJ Dommy Juggs and Jarid peruse some Juggalo dating profiles, spend some time in the gripe corner, realize that it's a good day when the worst track is a Tom Waits track, and discuss this week's tracks.

Episode 17's Tracks:

One - Eluvium
Sink, Florida, Sink - Against Me!
Ol’ '55 - Tom Waits
High And Dry - Radiohead
A Drowning - How to destroy angels_

Episode 17's Playlist:

Music Used In This Episode:

Trace Route (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Tricks (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Victory (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Defeat (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Against the Wall (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Frantic (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Storm (Slowed Down) - BoxCat Games
Night Owl (Slowed Down) - Broke For Free
My Always Mood (Slowed Down) - Broke For Free
Day Bird (Slowed Down) - Broke For Free
My Luck (Slowed Down) - Broke For Free
Mell's Parade (Slowed Down) - Broke For Free

BoxCat Games music can be found here
Broke For Free music can be found here

The Juggalos of okCupid

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POP by Stella McCartney w/Grimes

The Band Formerly Known as "Viet Cong" Announce New Band Name

After finishing our latest record and taking some time off, we are excited to announce that we will be performing and recording as “Preoccupations” going forward. We will be previewing new material from a forthcoming record in a series of festivals and shows in North America and Europe in the coming months. We apologize to those who were adversely affected by our former band name. This was never anticipated nor our intent. We are artists and not politicians, we understand that the name reflected pain to some individuals and we are happy to change it and move on and focus on our music. Thanks to all our friends and fans. See you all soon.
— Preoccupations

200-Plus-Person Twin Peaks Cast Revealed

B.o.B.'s Snapchat Theory

4' 33" - Dead Territory (John Cage Cover)

Fans Discover Hidden Artwork Within David Bowie's ★ (Blackstar) When Placed In the Sun

It’s subsided a bit now, but a lot of people said it was a bullshit cover when it came out, that it took five minutes to design,” Barnbrook said. “But I think there is a misunderstanding about the simplicity.”

“This was a man who was facing his own mortality. The Blackstar symbol [★], rather than writing ‘Blackstar,’ has as a sort of finality, a darkness, a simplicity, which is a representation of the music.” Barnbrook explained some of the larger concepts tucked away inside those five black points, saying, “The idea of mortality is in there, and of course the idea of a black hole sucking in everything, the Big Bang, the start of the universe, if there is an end of the universe. These are things that relate to mortality.
— Jonathan Barnbrook, ★ (Blackstar) Album Art Designer

Rage Against the Machine/Lisa Simpson Predict Donald Trump's Campaign Over 16 Years Ago

GLOWED UP (feat. Anderson .Paak) - KAYTRANADA

Houdini - Death Grips

The Impossible Kid (Full Album Stream) - Aesop Rock / Shot-for-Shot Remake of "The Shining"

An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death - Eluvium

Sink, Florida, Sink (Electric Version) - Against Me!

Sink, Florida, Sink Album Artwork

Ol' '55 (Tom Waits Cover) - Eagles

Tom Waits Tells the Ol' '55 Story and Performs the Song

Radio Head - Talking Heads

Newspaper Ad Announcing Radiohead's Name Change

How to Destroy Angels - Coil