Episode 21: Jeremy Manifesto w/Chance Meyer

Chance Meyer travels all the way from the frozen tundras of Minnesota to join Jarid for 5huffle's 21st episode. In it they discuss how Chance's upbringing led him to wear shoes every day, why the Black Lotus card is so rare in Magic: The Gathering, what an all John super group would consist of, and this week's tracks.

Episode 21's Tracks:

Bold Advances - Helios
Thermostat - They Might Be Giants
Would You Be Impressed - Streetlight Manifesto
Daffy Duck - Animal Collective
Love You To Pieces - Jeremy Messersmith

Episode 21's Playlist:

Music Used in this Episode:

Chunk of Lawn (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Cold Like This (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Then Again (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Deja Vú (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
VHS (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Heartbreaker (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Roller-skate (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Stars (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Haunted (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Phone call (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Memories (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar

Jahzzar music can be found here

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The Flaming Lips Team Up With Few Spirits to Release "Brainville Rye Whiskey"

Whiskey... it’s such a volatile drink. Upon pouring a drink It’s like accepting that you may become a werewolf ... And really... Who doesn’t want to become a werewolf ??? Ha...
— Wayne Coyne

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Shirt with John Lennon's Blood

Shirt with John Lennon's Blood

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Heathens - 21 Pilots

Bored to Death - Blink-182

Moiety - Helios

Particle Man - The Bobs (They Might Be Giants Cover)

Tiny Toon Adventures "Particle Man" Music Video

Tiny Toon Adventures "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" Music Video

Kids in the Hall "Daves I Know"

The Streetlight Manifesto

ok, another one in the can, and before things get too confusing (for us all, as we lose ourselves sometimes, too, what with all the names and websites and groups) let’s stop for a minute and remind ourselves and all of you, our dear readers, what it is exactly that we’re doing.
record by record, piece by piece, etcetera by etcetera, we are building a small fortress. This fortress has been designed to withstand the pummeling of mainstream tidal waves and to keep unwanted characters (“suits”, trend hoppers, et al) outside of its walls. We are in here multiplying, scheming, quietly growing in numbers as well as in quality, when we hit, it will not be violent, nor will it be overly publicized. We are creating a small army of artists that will release works (music, film, visual art, etc) quietly as independently as possible. A record here, a website there, all under the radar, but connected by two things: an independent spirit and a high level of quality (the latter being subjective, of course, but you can’t please all of the people all the time, can you?)
things are moving slowly at the moment, as well they should. We’re feeling the ground out, dipping our fingers into the water to test the temperature. This record you hold in your hands now is the second such test. Please bear with us as we learn right from wrong, good from bad. If you’ve been with us since the release of “a call to arms” maybe you understand a little better what we’re talking about.
on the topic of the latest (and first) bandits of the acoustic revolution record, let’s make something a tad bit clearer. Yes, that is a botar song on this here sm record. look at the two groups as two versions of the same band, each from a different sonic dimension. Both groups will continue to release music, alternatively. We will swap songs and “remix” tunes. Over the course of the next few months/years other “versions” of this collective group will emerge, on various labels or completely independent. Each one will have a unique sound and will play songs that are mostly proprietary to it, but some songs will be shared, since a song, like any other work of art, can go in so many different directions. It’s so difficult to be working on something and have the pressure, upon coming to an artistic fork in the road, to choose between one or two (or more) directions to take that work in. well, to hell with that, we say. fuck it, let’s do what we feel like doing. play it every possible way, swap out a verse here or there, add that violin solo that just wouldn’t work in the punk rock version of this song or that. this is the only way, we’ve come to find, to keep all this exciting and new. there is such a universally accepted blueprint for bands every genre nowadays: get a few musicians together, practive in a basement somewhere, play countless/thankless/unattended-by-anyone-but-the-band-members’-parents shows wherever/whenever they become available, wish, hope and pray to be signed by a label, go on tour, have your ego stroked every night, feel more important than you really are, start mindlessly babbling publicly about the latest, trendiest cause worth dying for (or at least worth playing a benefit concert for, where your ego is still stroked, what a chock), become unpopular, go away for a while and eventually do a reunion tour. and there’s nothing wrong with that. it’s just all so..done before.
so here’s our plan: let’s make music, but really make it, from scratch, on the equipment we buy, borrow or steal, in our homes, with our friends, on our time, finishing each project when we say it’s finished. in this record’s case, everything used to make the music, from the equipment to the mixing time in a real studio to the beverages we consumed while making it was provided by a very generous and timely loan from mr. and mrs. kalnoky. they came to the plate and funded our little project and you’re holding this album because of them (in more ways than one). sure, some compromises were made regarding the group and more will have to be made in the future with all of the groups and all of the major works we put out, but no compromises will be made in regards to the actual music or art or what have you. we will walk away and let it all burn if we are forced to do something we cannot, in good conscience, agree with. what little we have, the little that really matters, is not tangible or physical and it exists not on paper, but somewhere inside. and that little thing, that un-sellable, uncompromising thing i’m babbling about now as the sun is rising outside my window, that’s what this project is about. until next time (sooner than you think, we hope).
— Tomas Kalnoky

Tatooine - Jeremy Messersmith