Episode 21.5: X EMINƎMbassadors - L.G.P. Vol. 3

In our third installment of the Listener Generated Playlist Dominic and Jarid are finally reunited! Dominic, fresh from his expensive podcasting vocal lessons, tries to remember what talking about music is like. They also discuss how Chance and John ruined #5huffle while Dominic was gone. Thanks a lot Chance and John... Oh, and there might be some talk about this week's tracks, picked by YOU.

Episode 21.5's Tracks:

El Tango de Roxanne - José Feliciano, Ewan McGregor, and Jacek Koman (Submitted by John Miller)
Rap God - EMINƎM (Submitted by Anonymous)
Jungle - X Ambassadors (Submitted by Kelsey Waniger)
Heathens - TWENTY ØNE PILØTS (Submitted by Chance Meyer)
Eventually - Tame Impala (Submitted by Max Quesnell)

Episode 21.5's Playlist:

Music Used in this Episode:

Freaks (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Alive (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Shine (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Birthday cake (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Intruder (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Meantime (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Cinematic (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Washing Machine (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Lemonade (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Elevator (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Undone (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Whisper (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Nightmare (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar

Jahzzar music can be found here

Insane Clown Posse Plan D.C. March To Protest F.B.I.

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Kim Kardashian West Leaks Video Confirming Taylor Swift Signed Off On Kanye's Infamous "Famous" Line

Taylor Swift Responds to Kim Kardashian West's Video

That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the Internet.

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Wolves - Kanye West

Kanye West Fully Intends to Run for President in 2020

Martin Shkreli Wants to Bring Harambe Back to Life

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Martin Shkreli Releases the Track List for His Upcoming Mixtape

Long Lost Beatles Recording Discovered After 52 Years

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It's For You - Cilla Black

Father John Misty Cuts Festival Short After Lecture About "Evil"

I always thought that it was going to look way more sophisticated than this when evil happened. When the collective consciousness was so numb and so fucking sated and so gorged on entertainment. ... How entertaining should this be right now with a fucking battleship in the background and this shit on TV, how fucking fun should this be? How fucking fun can it be? Can it be real in any sense? Like, I cannot play ‘Bored in the USA’ for you right now. No no no, because guess what? I soft-shoed that shit into existence by going, ‘No no no, look over here, it’ll never actually be that bad because we’re too smart.’ And while we were looking in that direction, stupidity just fucking runs the world because entertainment is stupid! Do you guys realize that?
— Father John Misty

A very heated #fatherjohnmisty , can't say I blame him. #xpnfest

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Father John Misty Turns Down $250,000 Chipotle Deal

Jack White Plays First Vinyl in Space

Full Icarus Mission

The Muppets "Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem" Outside Lands Performance

Centres - Ian William Craig

Hallelujah - Igorrr

Roxanne - The Police

Tanguera - Mariano Mores