Episode 22: New5

Jarid and Dominic bring you the music news for the week of September 4th. Topics include:

ICP, Kanye West, Martin Shkreli, Die Antwoord, The Smiths, Smashing Pumpkins, Chris Brown, and more!

Music Used in this Episode:

Stripped Blue Vinyl (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
The Guitarist (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar
Coffee Drops (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar

Juggalo Arrested After Cutting Off Woman’s Finger, Drinking her Blood for a “Ritualistic Memorial”

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Two Juggalos Allegedly Set Roommate on Fire, Try to Cut Off His Tattoo for “Disrespecting” ICP

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Kanye West's Favorite Noises

Werner Herzog on Kanye West's "Famous"

Father John Misty "Life of Padre" Apparel

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The Life of Pablo Tour Floating Stage

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Fade - Kanye West

Martin Shkreli owned an esports team, allegedly owes its coach $25,000

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Martin Shkreli vs Patton Oswalt

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In the Aeroskank Over the Checkered Pattern - Skanktral Ska Hotel

Die Antwoord Say Suicide Squad Ripped Them Off

The Smiths and PETA Team Up to Make "Meat is Murder" Video Game: "This Beautiful Creature Must Die

This game is the biggest social crusade of all, as we safeguard the weak and helpless from violent human aggression. You don’t get that from ‘Pokémon Go.’
— Morrissey

Smashing Pumpkins' Classic Lineup "Back in Contact"

Smash Mouth singer “was too drunk or had a heart attack,” carried off stage at Sweetcorn Festival

So, we’re watching the mendoza line of bands, live at our hick ass corn festival, and Steve Harwell, that Guy Fieri looking mofo, sits his fatass down and waves over the roadies, who then proceed to carry him off stage. The remaining band members finish, first by playing “I’m a Believer” because the crowd kept screaming “Shrek” when there was a break (which made me feel incredibly old, because I realized 90% of the crowd grew up on that movie, then they played “All Star”. The crowd went wild.

No one cared that the lead singer left. Seriously.

Then the show was over and a couple ambulances showed up.

Overall, the show exceeded my expectations. Good show.
— Reddit Users junkinthehatchback

Smash Mouth Performing "I'm a Believer" Moments After Steve Harwell Left the Stage

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Chris Brown Arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon

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She's Mine - Alex Cameron

Stranger Things - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein