Episode 7: Reel Bob Fish

The perpetual special guest Dominic Manthey sits down with Jarid to compare screamo music to Pearl Jam, figure out the agenda of AC/DC music, decide which Ska wave is the most "tubular", and to discuss this week's tracks.

Episode 7's Tracks:

There Only Is- Vendetta Red
NYC - Gone, Gone - Conor Oberst
Merciless - Boris
From Point A - Bob Kilgore
I'm Cool - Reel Big Fish

Episode 7's Playlist:

Music Used in this Episode:

The Red Spider (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Locust Toybox (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Pixleboy (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Boney 80s Face (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Needlepipe (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Conversionay (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
The Island of Congress Tarts (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox

Locust Toybox music can be found here

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