Episode 8: Cloud KoЯn

This week the perpetual special guest Dominic Manthey sits down with Jarid to discuss the uses of a child sized coffin, the inevitable Martin Shkreli movie, why Jarid's father is awesome, and this weeks tracks.

Episode 8's Tracks:

Generation 666 - Nekromantix
Moonshadow - Cat Stevens
Love You All - Cloud Cult
Lies - KoЯn
Pain - Shinkichi Mitsumune

Episode 8's Playlist:

Music Used in this Episode:

Cardboard Morning (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Wild Boar Parties (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Toadstool Wires (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
8-Bit Strawberry Jones (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Dribble Tape Trip (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox
Melodies from Mars 9 (Aphex Twin Cover) (Slowed Down) - Locust Toybox

Locust Toybox music can be found here

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